Who We Are


Resileo helps you to reduce cost and time for all your analytics and QA/Testing needs. Resileo achieves this goal thru a unique Product-Enabled-Service model.

Resileo's open source analytics stack, test automation frameworks and open source APM, gives you the best ROI.

To become a market leader in delivering quality enterprise software solutions for our customers, with innovation and integrity.

To ensure value for our customers by providing quality enterprise software services and products that meet their defined requirements and are easily consumed by the end users while achieving optimal returns to the company, its employees and shareholders.


What We Do

Web Development

Crafting the Future of Your Online Presence: Where Innovation Meets Imagination in Web Development.


Web Development

App Testing

Beyond Bug Fixes: Elevating Your App Experience Through Precision Testing and Quality Assurance


App Testing


Seamless Software Symphony: Orchestrating Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment for Peak Performance



Data Analytics

Unlocking Insights, Driving Decisions: Transforming Data into Actionable Intelligence with Advanced Analytics.


Data Analytics


Resources & Latest News

Mr. Nagarajan Pichumani - May 31, 2019

You do not have to be a data analyst!

Politicians, IAS officers, engineers - all start analyzing important situations with key numbers. Many to most of the times, no call to action is made.

Mr. Nagarajan Pichumani - February 6, 2019

What can go wrong in business analytics engagements

Many organizations start business analytics projects with high energy and hope. But very soon, the teams face many issues and then the blame game starts.

Mr. Nagarajan Pichumani - January 31, 2018

Analytics and Performance

The word analytics is one of the top 5 highly discussed subjects across the IT industry. Invariably the brother word Big Data also comes along with analytics.Every time we meet our customers who..

Mr. Nagarajan Pichumani - October 31, 2017

Cutting edge APM features - expect these by new year

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is an absolute need for every online application. People use different APMs, but they want new features as part of the ...