What We Do

Performance Testing & Monitoring

At Resileo Labs, we specialize in ensuring that your web and mobile applications deliver optimal performance under real-world conditions.

Our performance testing and monitoring services are designed to identify bottlenecks, enhance speed, and ensure stability, handling up to 100,000 concurrent users with ease.

Tools We Use

Advanced Open Source Tools

We harness the power of leading open-source tools like JMeter for load testing and Glowroot for performance monitoring. These tools enable us to provide comprehensive testing solutions that not only meet but exceed your performance expectations while keeping licensing costs at a minimum.

Flexibility Testing

Commercial Tools Expertise

Alongside our open-source capabilities, we also offer proficiency in commercial performance testing tools like Neoload and LoadRunner.

This blend of open-source and commercial tools allows us to tailor our testing approach to your specific needs, providing the flexibility to choose the best tool for the job.


Our Experience

Experience Across Domains

Our expertise spans a wide range of applications and domains, from citizen services for government agencies to complex banking applications and large-scale ERP systems.

This diversified experience equips us with the unique skills to fine-tune performance, ensuring your application is robust, responsive, and reliable.

Why Choose Us

Eliminate Defects And Improve User's Experience

At Resileo Labs, we're dedicated to optimizing your applications for the best user experience. Our comprehensive performance testing and monitoring services are your first step towards a faster, more reliable digital solution. Reach out to us to learn how we can elevate your application's performance today.


Custom Performance Solutions

Tailored testing strategies that align perfectly with your application requirements..


Domain Diversity

Our experience across various domains ensures that we understand the unique challenges and requirements of your specific sector.


Cost-Effective Monitoring

Our focus on open-source tools significantly reduces licensing costs, providing you with high-quality testing services that are both effective and economical.


Proven Expertise

With a track record of successfully tuning applications for up to 100k users, we're well-equipped to handle projects of any scale.