APPEDO - Application Performance Monitoring Tool

Elevate your application's performance and ensure an exceptional user experience with Appedo, the comprehensive Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution. Appedo provides detailed insights into your application's performance from multiple perspectives, enabling proactive optimizations and rapid troubleshooting.

Discover how Appedo transforms application monitoring:

End-User View

Synthetic User Monitor

Experience your application just as your customers do from various global locations, using real browsers at actual customer connection speeds.

This view helps in preemptively identifying and resolving performance issues before they impact your users.

Real User Monitor

Gain actionable insights into your application's performance across different locations, devices, browsers, and operating systems, based on real-world usage.

This allows for a deeper understanding of user experiences and targeted optimizations.


DevOps or IT Ops View

Monitor your application, server, and database layers comprehensively with performance counters.

Appedo enables alert configurations for potential issues, supporting Java and .NET profilers to trace class and method stacks, ensuring minimal impact on CPU and memory resources.

QA View

Configure, execute, and manage load or performance tests with ease.

Appedo's LoadTesting tool supports script generation, upload, and concurrent testing across global regions or within LAN/WAN environments, offering scalability and precision in performance validation.


Availability Monitoring

The Availability Index is a critical metric for CIOs and IT leaders, reflecting the accessibility of applications from various geographic locations.

Appedo ensures your applications are not just fast, but also consistently accessible, supporting IT infrastructure and application teams in their quest for excellence.

Log Monitoring

Dive deep into your application and subsystem log files to uncover the root causes of errors and exceptions.

With Appedo, ensure that valuable log data is analyzed and utilized, turning potential oversights into opportunities for improvement.


360 Degree View

Appedo's 360-degree performance view integrates synthetic and real user monitoring with application, server, and database monitoring, offering a comprehensive overview of your application's health.

Customize your dashboard to focus on the metrics that matter most to you, ensuring a streamlined and efficient monitoring experience.

Harness the power of Appedo to gain unparalleled visibility into your application's performance, optimize user experiences, and drive your digital success forward.