Why do so many people switch to Appedo APM from New Relic and AppDynamics?

Author: Mr. Nagarajan Pichumani

Published on: May 31, 2018

Last 6 months we are able to serve a lot of customers who were once lovers of New Relic and AppDynamics. We saved more than $2000 per month for each of these customers, yes, that is a lot of money. So what really made them to start using Appedo APM?


Multiple modules to license and a confusing pricing calculator. Both NewRelic and AppDynamics licensing separately for APM, Real User Monitoring, Analytics, Synthetic User Monitoring etc. This is very tricky. You may be betting on some unknown parameters and end of the month you will see a huge bill from them!

Very high cost. Though these 2 products started small in 2008-09 timeframe, over the last 1 decade they reached the stage of $200 per agent price range. If you choose annual plan it is $150 * 12 = $1800 upfront payment, per agent! For 1 or 2 agents, this is fine; but for a set of 20 servers, the bill goes tall and becomes a pain.

Analytics licensing is separate. The most important thing in APM is to build a set of our own dashboards, the way we want. In the name of Insights or Analytics, both tools start charging a lot of money. Once your data is in, you cannot go back and extract. So you get locked and left with no option but to pay to them, making them richer.

No way to customize. Adding extra performance metric or changing dashboards etc. is not that easy. There are finer pain points for the user and they need some solution in the product to address that. Both these tools said, no customization.

NewRelic is only on cloud and your data goes outside your perimeter. Banks, healthcare units etc. do not want this.

No professional service assistance. Customers need assistance in getting things setup. If this is not done after purchase, they struggle to get going. But they have the right to switch to other products!

Both tools lacked preproduction load testing ability. Before going live or upgrades, ensure the app is running faster at high user loads and data loads. Simulating concurrent users feature is not part of new relic or appdynamics.

I am big attitude. New Relic is now public and AppDynamics is part of Cisco. You know how they will behave!

No Open Source. Appedo is open source and new relic is not. This is a big thing in APM to be open source.

Enjoy the power of open source APM, i.e. Appedo.

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